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Washington City Paper Privacy Policy

Effective January 1, 2006

Washington City Paper respects your privacy and will never release any personal information about you without your consent.

When you visit one of our Web pages, our server automatically logs your Internet domain or address (IP address) and the Web location you clicked from, so we can tell how many people visit each page and how they find us. When you see an ad, the company that serves our Web ads may set a cookie on your computer; this is a small text file that "identifies" your computer for the purpose of targeting ads. If you click on an ad, your "click-through" is recorded so we can tell advertisers how many people are responding to their ads. None of these procedures identifies you personally or collects any personal information about you. We do not and will not collect your name, E-mail address, or any other personal information without your consent. We do not knowingly collect any personal information from children under age 13. For more information about the company that serves our ad banners, see the privacy statement of DoubleClick.

On certain pages, if you choose to register for a contest, newsletter, message board, or some other purpose, we may ask for personal information such as street and/or E-mail address, phone number, consumer preferences, etc. We do not and will not release any such information unless we have your consent, or we believe in good faith that we are legally required to do so or that there is an emergency involving personal danger, or if you have vandalized our site or otherwise behaved in a manner that warrants our contacting the authorities or your Internet service provider. Nor will we use this information to contact you in any way other than what is expressly stated in the registration.

On some of our pages we may offer content or services by providing hyperlinks to other Web sites. Of course, these sites are not subject to our policies; we advise you to read their privacy statements.

If you place a classified ad or make a purchase, we keep the information you give us and may use it to contact you in the future. If you use our Matches system, we may collect information about what features you use or how you move through the site, but we use this information in aggregate form only; we do not associate it with individual user names or identities.

Given the nature of Web publishing, our privacy policies may change from time to time; any changes will be posted here as soon as they go into effect.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please write to