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Scam Warning. Beware of offers that seem too good to be true, or that seem suspicious. When you post your email address on the web, anyone who sees it can contact you, and you may receive misleading emails. Some offer to pay more than the asking price for items, using a cashier's check. These unsolicited emails may also appear to be from foreign governments seeking to transfer large sums of money to you, and about lottery winnings. Avoid scams by ignoring such offers. To protect yourself: Do not send money to people you do not know, get contact information from anyone you enter into a transaction with and verify it, and only accept cash. Also, do not click on links in suspicious emails. Use your best judgment when emailing and responding to people you don't know. You can contact us at, the Better Business Bureau and/or the Federal Trade Commission about suspicious offers.

Deal with Platinum Group Metals

our company deals with all the six elements present in platinum group metals. These are treated as most precious metals...

Gold in the Ground - Gold Mine

Trade Precious Metals explores gold in the ground. It deals with lots of gold reserves. It follows its own extraction...

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