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NW DC | Voice
WANTED: Information on whereabouts of DC vocalist Bobby Thurston

WANTED: Information as to the whereabouts of DC based vocalist Bobby Thurston. Bobby recorded with Mainline and Prelude Records in...

Tysons Corner | Guitar, String, Keyboard | Client Parishoner
acoustic guitarist, cello, stand up bass, moog

You like Fahey, Jansch, Kottke, Cocteau Twins, Ragas, Wendy Carlos, minimalist techno. Need acoustic guitarist, cello, stand up bass, moog...

Kensington | Brass | Rockville Brass Band
Alto Horn Player Vacancy

Rockville Brass Band is now taking applications from alto horn players for its 2014-15 season which starts around Labor Day...

NW DC | Guitar, Bass, Drums/percussion, Brass, String, Voice, Keyboard
Internet RadioStations/Karaoke/Music promoter MD/DC/VA radio station promotes/plays gospel/Jazz, R&B/music 24/7

InternetRadioStations/Karaoke/Music promoter MD/DC/VA radio station promotes/plays gospel/non-gospel/music 24/7. Get ads, commercials, videos, live music shows for venues/arts organizations/open mics/501(c)(3)/jam sessions...

D.J./electronic | Mix-O-Rap
ATTENTION ALL ARTISTS Worldwide!Contact me to perform in shows right now!

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